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  • Stain Remover Bleach Pen - Bleach Pen

    • BrandsSOOMPI
    • Product Code: SO34-YY139

    This product has a minimum quantity of 5
    Availability: In Stock
    • $2.49

    Stain Remover Bleach Pen - Bleach Pen

    Bleach Pen touch to your clothes!

    Your favorite white shirt, lace blouse, tulle curtain that is your mother's gift or tiny socks that your child takes the first steps

    Eliminate all permanent stains!

    Cherry juice, coffee or oil stains on all demanding stains.

    Bleach Pen eliminates irreversible hard stains and marks on your clothes in seconds with its bleaching bleach effect.

    There are two different thickness application tips.

    One end is applied to small spots and the other end is for wider stains.

    Moreover, it is possible to draw patterns on your clothes by whitening the traces of your colored clothes in bleach splash accidents.

    How is it applied?

    Whether the area you want to apply, whether it is your clothes or the stains in your bathroom, touch the Bleach Pen to remove the stain.


    - Keep away from children

    - When creating a pattern, remember that the lines and patterns you make with Bleach Pen will be permanent!

    - In case of swallowing and eye contact, wash with plenty of water and consult your doctor immediately.

    Note: It will be sent mixed with the colors and patterns in stock.

    NOTE : Minimum order total amount must be $200 in Cleaning and Bathroom Appliances

    Contact information ;
    Email :
    Whatsapp : +90 850 3022987

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